Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When the parents are gone, i get to go out and play...

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't posted in awhile but as my title says my parents were out of town this past week and that means I was able to go out and get crazy. hehe Well not really but you see am an only child and my parents are super strict on me even though I am of age to be an adult. But yeah it was nice to go out and not have a curfew, having friends over and just doing stuff I normally wouldn't be able to do. I took some OOTD's to share with you all, there's only 2 because the other days I kept forgetting to take them. But yeah my parent's are back and im back to being at home trying to fix my life but that's another story.

Ok, so the first night I went out for two of my friends birthdays. We had dinner at a nice Thai food place we have by my house. Then we took some of those super asian pictures they are called Cue pictures here and there like small sticker pictures you take in booths. There really fun to take and then you decorate them with all these random things. Below are two of the many pictures we took, they aren't one's that we decorated really but they are the ones that i liked the best.

Here is a better picture of of my outfit that day.
leather jacket - Target, lace tank - thrifted, skirt - H&M, purple tights and boots - swap meet, necklace - Philippines, hat - DIY

This is my other outfit that I took a picture of it's from Easter. I went to my cousins house because my parent's were out of town, I think it was the first holiday that I wasn't with my parent's and it was really weird to me. But it was ok because I was with some of my family. But yeah I really wanted to dress springy for Easter but it ended up being so cold that day but I tried. If the print of the dress looks familiar to one of the skirts I wore before its because it's the same fabric. My mom made this dress for me using the same fabric, I really hope I learn to sew as good as my mom because I absolutely love this dress my mom made.

sweater and gray tights - Old Navy, belt - target, boots - swap meet, bracelet - Philippines, hat and dress - DIY

So yeah since I'm back im looking forward to catching up with everyone's blogs!!! :)