Friday, January 29, 2010

The Philippines does GLEE

credits to the owner of the video RJtexasUSA

So I was watching The Filipino Channel(TFC) and it was one of my favorite shows ASAP, which is like a variety show, and they started the show by performing the mash-ups from Glee. Glee is my one of my favorite shows also, so i thought it was interesting that they were performing Glee songs. I love it, its like two of my favorite things! But I know that it doesn't sound that great but trust me they are actually really good singers.

PS I love totally love the outfits that the Pilipino celebrities are wearing! It's inspiring me to wear a black skirt with a white shirt and a jean vest! :)

rain can't stop me...

So I went to have tea with my friends the other day and it was raining but i still wanted to dress the theme, so i just wore lots of layers! Im wearing my new mustard yellow baret I got from Target. I actually loved it so much I went back to target and bought three more, a white, teal and red one and they were on clearance for only $3.24! (score) I'm pretty much wearing all Old Navy clothes, the dress, the cardigan, the pea coat, and the belt. I got the tights and boots from the swap meet, and the bag i took from my mom's closet.

p.s. Sorry my doggy Mocha is in the pictures she kept coming next to me when i was taking the pictures.

I wasn't home to watch project runway so i have to catch one of the many re-runs! Well I couldn't watch it because i went to watch a movie with my friends. I watched Lovely Bones, it was really different then i thought but I liked it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

review of episode 2...

Hey everyone! So I've been meaning to post about the latest episode of project runway, but I haven't found any time till today. Since there is so many designers still I will talk about the bottom designs and the top designs. I thought the concept of the potato sack was awesome, good job Project Runway for coming up with such an interesting concept!!! :)

picture credits to -

So these were the bottom 3 and i have to agree with the judges on this one. The first one by Jesus' completely missed the mark, just by the fact that he covered the material with ribbons. I didn't like the way the stripe was placed on the skirt as well as the color of the outfit. With Ping's outfit I actually liked the top, but the bottom i have no idea what was going on there. The shape and the fact that it was so short and showing her butt was a huge no no! Now with Pamela's outfit I did like the coloring of the material, but it really wasn't appropriate for the type of event they were suppose to make an outfit for. I think it would be a great summer or clubbing outfit with the right accessories. But as for the back of the dress I have no idea what was going on their. So even though I did think that Jesus should have been out because he didn't correctly do the challenge, I do have to agree with the judges with Pamela leaving because it was worse then Jesus' outfit.

picture credits to -
Now for the top 3 looks...first is Amy's dress, when i saw it come down the runway it stood out to me because the way the garment moved, it seemed very light and flowed well and you wouldn't think it wouldn't because it's a potato sack. But for some reason I keep picturing a fairy in the outfit and it would make a nice wood fairy costume, just add wings. But I did really like the movement of the garment. Now with Mila's dress, I really loved it, the color and the design was great! It was one of my favorites and i was thinking it was going to win the challenge. Now with Jay's design, I really liked it too. I really liked the little accents of the blue, when i was watching and he had that blue ribbon i didn't understand what he was going to do with it. But when i saw the dress i was like, wow that's really cool i wasn't expecting that. So I agree with Jay being the winner of this challenge.

Wow i wrote a lot right now, what did you think of this episode???

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet my fashion idol...Mariel Rodriguez

Hello! So i thought i would introduce my fashion icon from the Philippines! Mariel Rodriguez, she is a TV host and actress. She is the host of several different TV shows, Wowowee, Pinoy Big Brother and Entertainment live. I love the fact that she is on TV more then once almost everyday and she always looks fab and has the greatest outfits. I love her quirky and bubbly energy and it shows in her style. I have to mention that she is also super duper nice also.

I just really love her style and everything about it. She always has great jewelry and shoes and she wears the best headbands, I love headbands! But I didn't put together any of the pictures of her headbands in the photos in this post but trust me she wears some great headbands! These are only a few pictures of her and her different outfits. I totally forgot to put together ones where she's more dressed up, more like gown kind of outfits, well maybe next time! But yeah here's my idol Mariel!!! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More about me...

I had dinner with my friends the other day and this is what i wore! Sorry bought the pictures i really am still getting use to this whole taking pictures about myself. I honestly hate taking pictures of myself and I have never had an individual picture of myself on my facebook. I know i just lack that confidence in myself, hence one reason why i created this blog!

So i thought i would post a little more about myself and more reasons why I decided to create this blog. I think it's because I feel like i didn't really get to express it in my first post and I feel like i really need to express to more for myself then anything.

Well, first off this blog is kind of a big thing for me because I always say I would love to do that but i never fallow through and this is one of the first things that I've actually fallen through on. So I'm really proud of myself for doing this and it's helping me feel more confident in myself. :)

So why did i call this blog Fobulous Style? well I've been reading a lot of the Fat and fabulous blogs and I love the concept of making something people think is bad to something that isn't. So all my friends and family call me a fob jokingly because I'm so into things Pilipino; like shows, movies, celebrities. But what's wrong with that? I accept the fact that I'm a fob which makes me Fobulous!!!

Well that's a little more about me. I don't want to make this post super in depth and crazy facts about myself, just some more information. :) Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's's pouring...

I really like when it rains but I hate going out of the house because i don't like getting wet. I hate when your wearing regular shoe's like chucks and you step in a puddle and the water gets in your shoe's and your socks get all wet. That's like the worst feeling ever especially when you can't go home and change. Well since it was raining so hard outside and I get so lazy to dress up on rainy days.

So thi
s is what I wore today, trying to keep warm and dry on the rainy day. I have never seen anyone post up pictures of what they wear when they dress down, everyone always posts pictures of when they dress up, one reason why I decided to post this. I feel like you can be fashionable even when your going for the I just woke up and I don't want to really dress up look. I don't know if that even makes sense, but it does to me! :)

I am wearing a tokidoki jacket, both shirts are from Old Navy, im wearing sweats from target (yes sweats) , boots from the swap meet, hat and jewelry from forever 21.

The return of project runway

Hello! So I've been wanting to post but i haven't had time because I was staying with my cousin all last week to help her take care of her kids. But yeah project runway started on Thursday and it seems like its going to be a good season, i am very excited! I have a few designers that I'm liking from what i saw in there intro's and there online portfolio's, I can't wait to see what they design on the show!!!

But for the first episode I think my favorite outfits were Ben and Maya's dresses. I really liked the fit and designs of both of their dresses. I did like Emilio's design, it was very interesting how he worked design of the dress but i don't know if it's something i would wear. I also liked Jay's outfit as well because i feel it was put together well and the colors and textures he used. But I really don't like the flower things that he put around the skirt, so not cute. But i did enjoy the first episode and I can't wait till the next episode.

What did you think of the first episode?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I love the mustard yellow

Hey everyone! So i just got those yellow tights from forever 21 and i just love the color! I'm really liking the color mustard yellow. I really love my yellow mustard color side bag that I'm using in the picture, its one of my favorites.

Man i am having a hard time trying to take pictures for the blog, i wonder how all the other bloggers take such nice pictures for there blogs. I had to self-time and take this picture a few times before it came out with the whole outfit. If anyone has any tips, please share them with me. I'm still getting use to this whole blogging thing, so sorry if my pictures aren't the greatest and everything! I just hope someone enjoys this! :) But i did create this blog for myself and so i far I'm enjoying it. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tea Party

So i didn't take a picture of my outfit today and i wasn't sure i was going to create this blog. So here is a picture of what i wore yesterday, you can semi see the outfit. I went with my friends to a place where you can have a little tea party. It was so cute, you can wear the vintage hats that are around the store. The hats around really reminded me of I love Lucy and all the hats she use to buy and wear on the show, it was great! The picture above is me wearing one of the cute hats from the place. :)

So since i knew i was going to a tea party type thing i tried to wear something floral. So i found this top that i have never worn before and decided to wear it. :)

sweater-ON, tank-Target, skirt-ON, headband- f21, Belt-Target,Necklace-f21

Hello Blog World

Yay, first post that im posting! I love reading fashion blogs and i can read them all day. But i was scared to create one of my own because I was just scared to share with the world my thoughts on things! But i got enough courage to create one of my own. Yay! Now i guess i gotta post things! :)