Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh weekends...

Hello everyone!!! I just wanted to say thank you everything that is following me, you guys are the best!!! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Don't you think weekends are too short? I know I do!

Well as for the weekend it started on Friday afternoon for me and I helped one of my good friends out by helping her go shopping! She asked me to help her out because she doesn't usually go shopping and she knows I like shopping and I'm into fashion and stuff. So I helped her out and it was really fun to put her in things that she would never pick out for herself and then her liking them. It was so much fun for me, and I'm happy my friend asked me to help her out. Below is the outfit I wore to go was really cold that day because a storm was rolling in.

hat & socks-Target, boots - swapmeet, pants and tank-ON, sweater-thrifted, jacket-old, necklace -f21

On Saturday it was raining very hard here and it was even hailing so I was very lazy and I stayed in with my Mom and we watched a bunch of movies. It was nice spending some time with my mom. I didn't even go online the whole day because all I did was watch movies and crochet with my mom! Yay for spending time with my mom!

Today was a much nicer day, I went to babysit for my cousin so she could have a Valentine's date with her husband. Dang I seriously have so much respect for all you moms out there, I watched my nephew who is 3yrs old and my niece that is 8 months and OMG I was so tired after taking care of them. But they are so cute and such a handful to take care of! Above is a picture of my niece and I, she's wearing a beanie I crocheted for her. You can't really see the flower that
s on it, but there's a little flower i crocheted on it.

Wow tomorrow is the start of the spring capsule challenge, I am so not ready for it! We'll see how this works out! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm so happy I can shout...

Hey everyone! So have you ever had that one piece of clothing that was your absolute favorite and you wore it all the time. The piece of clothing your friends remember about you because you wore it that much because it was your favorite. Well I had one of those and it was a 3 quarter sleeve jean jacket from the gap that I had got on sale my freshman year of college. (which was awhile ago) Well this jacket was my favorite thing in my wardrobe because i wore it with almost everything. I loved it because it was light weight so i could wear it during those hot summer days, I don't about you but I hate my arms so always wear a jacket or sweater of some sort no matter what season it is.

But yeah my jacket I loved it so much, but i wore it so much it started breaking, plus i gained some weight so it got tight. I really didn't want to let go of this jacket, but one day my mom said it was too old and threw it away a few years ago without me knowing . I knew it was time to throw it out but I was sad because it was my favorite piece of clothing.

Well last weekend I took my cousin who was visiting from SF shopping at Ontario Mills (kinda far from me) and we weren't suppose to go into forever 21 but I kinda wanted to because I wanted to check out there faith 21 collection because they don't usually carry that collections at any of the malls near me. So when we go in I was looking for the collection, (should of known it would be in the far corner) but when i got to the section i was surprised at the stuff they had. They had pieces not on the website and I was really impressed! But yeah since I'm super broke I told myself I can buy one item, I was suppose to buy this blue romper thing that i fell in love with when i saw it. But my mom pulled out a jean jacket that was hiding behind some things and OMG it looked exactly like my jacket. I seriously was going to cry when i tried it on because it looked so similar but it fit so nicely. So of coarse I bought the jacket instead of the romper! :)

Here's the jacket.

I didn't think the picture I took gave it justice so I took a picture from the website! It's not something on the website yet but I saw this picture and she's wearing the same jacket. :)

Is there anything in your closet that you really love and you wear all the time? Or something you used to own that you use to wear all the time?

PS Sorry for such a long story and rambling about a Jacket!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tarina Tarantino...

Hey everyone! So i've loved Tarina Tarantino jewelery for awhile now and I was happy when I found out that she teamed up with Sephora and created a makeup line. I knew I had to blog about it because I love her! The line looks cute and girlie which is very Tarina Tarantino with everything pink with studs and bows.

I'm so tempted to buy something, but the good thing is that they are more within my budget then her jewelery. I'm thinking i might try one of her glosses.

Spring Capsule Contest...

It's official I decided to join the Spring Capsule contest by The Small Fabric of My Life. I saw BBM of "Big Beautyful Mess" blog about it and i decided to take a look at it for more details and thought wow looks like a lot of fun so I decided to join. You have to create 5 outfits for 5 days using 10 items of shoes and clothing, but your also allowed 5 accessories. This is going to be hard for me because I love to layer and I love to accessories, but i thought it would be fun to do so I joined. If you would like to find out more information you can click the photo bellow, I linked it to the information regarding the contest. Is anyone else doing the contest too???

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh so glamourous...

Hey everyone! So I was looking at pictures of my idol Mariel Rodriguez and i saw one of her wearing this specific headband in the picture below and I fell in love with it. It's by the Pilipino designers Matthew & Melka, she's known to wear their headbands all the time and I've always loved them. So i decided to look at their website because I haven't looked in a long time and OMG i loved the headbands i saw they were so beautiful. So i thought I would share some of their pieces with you. It sucks because they are based in the Philippines and I don't think they ship to the states. I actually have loved there other lines, I tried re-creating them on my own since I'm so far. That's why I have such a headband collection and it's kinda like an obsession! hehe

The headband i fell in love with worn by Mariel Rodriguez and a picture of the actual headband. I just think it looks beautiful on her that's why when I saw her wearing this I fell in love with the piece. I just love how it cascades onto one side. I made a headband similar to this but it's not that extravagant.

This is from their recent bridal line but I think its beautiful and I would wear this all the time in the spring. I just love it, i just might try to recreate this!!!

This is just beautiful too, I could wear something like this to something formal.

I loved this one too and I can picture myself putting together an outfit just to wear it!

So yeah their recent line is a bridal collection and the pieces above are all from that collection. I believe they are all sold out already too. But yeah I'm going to link the website just in case you want to see some of their pieces...Matthew & Melka all pictures credits go to Matthew & Melka.

Spring is so close but yet so far...

So the weather here in So Cal is forever changing it was raining the other day and the other day it was in the 70's. So today I went to Long beach to visit some friends and I didn't know how to dress because it looked like it was going to rain but it was hot! So i decided to dress warmer because I know it's cold in Long beach because it's by the beach but i put a spring edge to it wearing my floral shirt i loved last spring. But yeah I didn't take much pictures because it's hard taking pictures in my room but my parent's are asleep already and I don't want to wake them up!

Here's my attempt to take a full shot picture of my outfit = fail!!! hehe

jeans - bitten(steve & Barry), sweater - Old Navy, top - H&M, beret - Target, boots-swap meet, bag - Mom's closet

Here's my other attempt to take a picture, I also took a picture of my boots and combined it on the corner of the picture.

PS excuse my messy room, Im doing my spring cleaning and trying to figure out what to keep and what to throw away.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The happiest place on earth...

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated my blog and did my rounds, I've been busy because my cousin and her husband came down for the weekend. So I've been busy entertaining them and taking them around.

But yeah I went to Disneyland on Saturday and it was pretty late notice but it was free so of course i went! :) I ended up actually getting into Disneyland with 2 of my other friends around 5 and we met up w/ my other friends that were already there. It kinda sucks we got there so late because we weren't able to do that much, but I can't complain it was free and I still had fun! :)

With my best friends since high school right after our first ride, the haunted mansion.

Trying on hats while my other friends went on the tea cup ride. I didn't want to go on it because I know i would get really sick after that ride, I don't like spinning around. But i loved these Minnie ears, they were silver and glittery, but the $20 for them were not in my budget. My friends were wearing the new Mad Hatter hats and it reminded us of Sean White! :)

This is a picture of my friends and I in front of the Castle! :)

Last but not least this was when we watched the fireworks show, this was so amazing!

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Saturday, February 20, 2010

quickie post...

Hey everyone! I'm just doing a quick post before I leave, I'm going to Disneyland!!! It was really last minute that I'm going. But yeah I went to like a formal dinner yesterday and this is what i wore, sorry for the pictures there not the greatest and I actually took them after. So it was kind of like 2:30 in the mourning when i took these so ehh...excuse the way i look.

dress and shoes - Target, sweater - Old Navy
This is the only way i could get a full body shot, i know there really bad quality, I had to brighten them up a lot. But the dress I got from target and the story with the dress is I really liked this dress when I saw it, but i didn't want to pay full price, so i waited till it went on sale. So when it finally went on sale($10) I couldn't find my size but i was determined to find it so I ended up going to 5 targets before I finally found one in my size. Also the dress has straps but i decided to pin them down to make it into a tube dress.

These are a picture of some of my accessories, I took a picture of my necklace but i accidentally deleted it and I gotta leave in a bit so I don't want to take another. But yeah the earrings are from forever 21 and the flower i wore in my hair I made. The necklace and bracelet, not pictured, are from forever 21 also!

Last here's a more closer clearer picture of me, kinda. Maybe ill post pictures from the event later. But yeah have a great day everyone, lets see how Disneyland is in the rain! :p

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 days...

So today was the start of Lent for those that are Catholic and I was having a hard time thinking of what to give up. I was thinking of giving up The Philippino channel aka TFC, but i seriously don't think i could do it, see I am such a fob!!! hehe But then I thought what the heck do I give up and I decided to give up Facebook games. I don't about any of you but I think I got obsessed with these games and play them whenever I'm bored and have nothing to do, which is all the time. So I felt like its something I can do without and it would be good for me to stop, I know I'm such a nerd. :p But I also gave up rice, this will be another hard thing for me but it would be good because I eat it so much. Oh yeah I also decided to give up chocolate because oh man I love chocolate. Let's see how this goes for me, it was already hard for me to sign on facebook and not check on my games. But I should be able to do it, some of my friends gave up a bunch of things like meat, spending money, internet. I couldn't give up any of those personally but I give them props for doing it.

Well anyways this is what i wore today, nothing much I took the picture right before I went to church to get ashes on my forehead, for ash Wednesday. I was actually inspired to wear something that I haven't worn for a really long time and it's the mustard yellow shirt. It's like a knit kind of shirt and it actually doesn't fit me like it used to but its suppose to fall over my shoulders and it still kinda does but i didn't get it in the picture. But yeah it was actually really hot today in california, that's why im wearing a short sleeve shirt. ps Sorry my dog Mocha was trying to get in the picture, Oh and i didn't get a picture of my shoes, I'm wearing my brown boots I got from the swap meet.

baret - DIY, blue tank and jeans - Old Navy, Yellow shirt and necklace - Forever 21, bag - my moms closet

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My new decoden phone case

Hey everyone!!! Thank you to all the new followers and everyone that is leaving comments, I was so surprised when I signed on and saw I had so many new followers. It really put I big smile on my face! :D

On another note I've been working on my decoden phone case. I learned about decoden when i saw Candice of Cupcakes & High Heels post about it on her blog awhile ago and I've been planning on doing it myself because it's so expensive if you were to buy an already made one, plus I haven't seen anyone make a decoden case for my type of phone. So i've been collecting things to use to deco my phone and I finally sat down and worked on it. This is the result of my decoden phone. It took me a few hours but I'm really happy with the turn out!!! :)

Here's a picture of the front and back of my phone.

I love it but it's so bulky and i keep thinking things are going to fall off, plus my phone slides so I get scared each time i slide my phone open. But I think i'll get used to it soon. I keep my phone in a little pouch now just to make sure it's a little safer. Let's see how long i'll keep the case on! hehe

Monday, February 15, 2010

Girls night out...

So in celebration of Valentine's day my friends and I went out and celebrated Single Awareness Day together. We were suppose to all get dressed up and go to a nice lounge place for dinner and some dancing. It turned out not all of us got that dressed up but it's ok it was nice way spend the day with my friends.

My outfit: dress - mode plus, necklace - F21, boots and earrings - swap meet, cardigan - thrifted, bag - coach.

With my friend Romalyne, we were the most dressed up and i was wearing heels but i wanted to dress down so i put my boots on so i could be more comfortable too because i really love the boots!

Picture w/ my friends...all the single ladies!!! :)

The drink I drank for the night. My friends said the name fit me perfectly!!! hehe

Our toast to being single!!!

My first blog award!!!

So I checked my blog today and saw the message from Candice of Cupcakes & High heels and I was so surprised that she passed the award onto me. Thank you so much Candice, it made my day!!! :)

So the rules are If you’re tagged, pass it on to another 6 bloggers! Once I pass this award on to those 6 bloggers, they have to award pass it on to 6 more.

So I'm not sure if these blogs have gotten these awards already or not because I know a lot of the blogs i fallow have received this award already. Plus i know these blogs are awesome and they all have great style so the blogs i choose are ...


Quirky Explosion

The Red Rosette

Anomalous Allure

Animated Confessions

Hungry for Fashion

If you haven't checked out there blogs you should check them out!!! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yay shopping...kinda...

So usually every Saturday I go with my mom to the swap meet. She goes there to buy fruits and vegetables because its a lot cheaper and seem a lot more fresher. But there are a lot of different things that you can buy besides the fruits and veggies. It's such an awesome place to find stuff for a person on a budget like me. But yeah here are a few things that I got when i went...

I bought this hat for summer, its one of those big rimed hats that you could wear at the beach or with a nice summer dress. I've been wanting one of these but all the one's that i found were like $20 or $15 dollars and i never really wanted to spend that much. So when i saw this and found out it was only $3 I had to get it.

I also buy fabric at the swap meet when i see fabric i like and i saw this and it reminded me of a red skirt i saw on forever 21's website so i got a yard of it and it was only $1

So I've been wanting some brown boots but since I'm so broke i couldn't afford any that i saw. So when i saw these i liked them and when i found out the price again i knew i had to get it. It was only $10!!! :)

So i make headbands and I always buy ribbons and things to make them. So i saw this and it made me think of a nautical theme so i got it and it was 2 yards for $1 but i only got 1 yard for 50 cents.

Last but not least these adorable earrings! I stopped by this one vendor that sells vintage jewelery and i saw these and they were only $1!!!

I was happy with the items i got on this trip to the swap meet. I actually can't wait to go next week because they always get new stuff. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sad movies always make me cry...

So today I went to go watch a Pilipino movie that was showing around my area called "Paano Na Kaya" which means what will happen now! It was a cute movie, a lot of Pilipino movies are corny love stories with lots of drama. But I love corny love stories with drama, so I liked it. Well I didn't like it as much as I thought i would because I think I expected more. But overall it was a good movie that i enjoyed watching. Basically it's a movie about two best friends, the girl is like a nerdy one and of coarse she is in love with her best friend. But her best friend has a girlfriend and she basically does everything for him and when his girlfriend breaks up with him she is there every step of the way and then he realizes her and they fall in love. Then they have some twist and turns in the relationship. It was actually really cute, it made me cry during those heavy drama moments. I think partly because it's my time of the month but how you can not feel the pain of the person you like doesn't see you...its like (tear) It was also pretty funny because one of my friends didn't understand tagalog so my friend and I were trying to translating during the movie. But yeah here is what i wore to the movies with my friends.

I'm wearing jeans and a sweater from Old Navy. Boots and top from Target, Jewelry from forever 21 and beanie crocheted by me.

Here's a closer more clearer picture of my top, I really love the tiers of it!

PS sorry I know my pictures suck, I'm still trying to get used to the whole picture taking and everything. Plus i usually take these pictures with self-timer and stacking my camera somewhere but im trying! :)