Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When the parents are gone, i get to go out and play...

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't posted in awhile but as my title says my parents were out of town this past week and that means I was able to go out and get crazy. hehe Well not really but you see am an only child and my parents are super strict on me even though I am of age to be an adult. But yeah it was nice to go out and not have a curfew, having friends over and just doing stuff I normally wouldn't be able to do. I took some OOTD's to share with you all, there's only 2 because the other days I kept forgetting to take them. But yeah my parent's are back and im back to being at home trying to fix my life but that's another story.

Ok, so the first night I went out for two of my friends birthdays. We had dinner at a nice Thai food place we have by my house. Then we took some of those super asian pictures they are called Cue pictures here and there like small sticker pictures you take in booths. There really fun to take and then you decorate them with all these random things. Below are two of the many pictures we took, they aren't one's that we decorated really but they are the ones that i liked the best.

Here is a better picture of of my outfit that day.
leather jacket - Target, lace tank - thrifted, skirt - H&M, purple tights and boots - swap meet, necklace - Philippines, hat - DIY

This is my other outfit that I took a picture of it's from Easter. I went to my cousins house because my parent's were out of town, I think it was the first holiday that I wasn't with my parent's and it was really weird to me. But it was ok because I was with some of my family. But yeah I really wanted to dress springy for Easter but it ended up being so cold that day but I tried. If the print of the dress looks familiar to one of the skirts I wore before its because it's the same fabric. My mom made this dress for me using the same fabric, I really hope I learn to sew as good as my mom because I absolutely love this dress my mom made.

sweater and gray tights - Old Navy, belt - target, boots - swap meet, bracelet - Philippines, hat and dress - DIY

So yeah since I'm back im looking forward to catching up with everyone's blogs!!! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

going back...

Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've posted, I've been staying at my cousins house in the South Bay area to help her take care of her kids while her husbands out of town. It was cool to get out of the house but I had no internet there, well I did but it was if i used my cousins laptop and I didn't want to bother her with using it. But yeah that's pretty much why I haven't posted. I have so much back reading with everyone's blogs, but I will most definitely try to catch up though! :)

So while I was at my cousin's place I didn't really dress up so I didn't really take any outfit photos. But on Friday I went to CSULB's PCN, Cal state long beach is the school i went to and PCN is Pilipino Cultural Night. The Pilipino club always throws one of these shows once every year, it showcases different dances and skits that relate to the pilipino culture. It was really nice seeing a lot of my old friends. The picture below is the only picture I have of my outfit, in the picture is one of my friends that was in the show and another one of my friends I watched the show with. I wish I had a better picture of my headband though, because it's the headband I made with the ribbon that I showed you in a previous thread that I had gotten at the swap meet.

jean jacket and necklace - f21, tunic - H&M, belt and leggins - target, boots - swap meet, headband - DIY

So yeah today I went to church with my parents and I decided to take some OOTD pictures, so I went outside and tried something different with the pictures. I felt so awkward taking these pictures but these were the ones that I kinda liked. hehe But yeah it was funny because my dog was following me and since I was using the self-timer I kept running back and forth and by the time I took these photos my dog was tired from running back and forth so she's just sitting and watching me. hehe

jean jacket - f21, tank - H&M, shoes - Payless, skirt - DIY, bracelet - Philippines, necklace - Tarina Taratino and bead necklace thrifted

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

one step at a time...

Hey everyone! So I decided to take a sewing class today that is offered at a community school near my house. I was surprised there were so many people in the class I think there was about 40 of us and about 10 machines, so I'm a little worried about that. But the instructor asked for some people to bring in there sewing machines in and said we were going to have to share machines. I'm just scared that because there is so many people in the class i might not really learn to sew, but ill take it step by step. I'm very excited to learn to sew too because my mom sews, so i really want to be able to sew like her. I can't wait till I start sewing, our first project is an apron. :)

My shoes, dress and sweater are all from Old Navy, so head to toe Old Navy except for the accessories. The belt is from the Gap, necklace thrifted, and earrings from the swap meet.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A good friend is cheaper than therapy...

Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've posted. Did everyone have a great weekend? I hope so! Well, I had a nice weekend with my family and friends. It was nice to see one of my old friends Deborah this weekend, she lives in SF because she's going to fashion school. So it's always great to see her because she's so stylish, she inspires me, plus I love talking to her about everything. She's super awesome she's just one of those friends that you can talk to about anything to and then helps you out with your problems! I was just really happy to see her this weekend while she was down for spring break. I actually had yogurt with her earlier today! Well i wish i took a picture with her today but I didn't bring my camera. But yeah it was nice because I can talk to her about fashion and I actually told her about this blog and she was so supportive. Which made me feel really good to tell someone that was very supportive of it.

This was the outfit that I wore today, I didn't feel like dressing up. It was a pretty warm day today during the day but it was really cold later in the day. So that's why i wore the tights, plus I'm not that comfortable wearing shorts without them. I also had no clean jeans that's why i decided to wear shorts. :p

But yeah what I'm wearing is Old Navy both shirts and tights, vest from Ross, shorts from walmart, boots from swap meet, necklace from forever 21, bracelet from philippines and headband made by me.

Here's a closer picture of the headband I made and another one of my mahjong bracelet.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Hey everyone, It's St. Patricks Day! Did everyone wear green? Well I decided to post an OOTD, I went outside today to take my pictures because it was so nice and sunny. But while taking these pictures I almost got stung by a bee because you see the tree behind me there were a bunch of bee's that I didn't notices till after the first shot. The second shot I don't know if you can see but i look a little nervous. hehe But yeah it was really hot again today, I actually even put my fan on in my room today because I was sweating. :p

Shoes and shirt from Old Navy, sweater - Target, skirt- made by mom, necklace - thrifted, bracelets - f21, headband- DIY

This headband is one that I just made recently. If you've followed my blog, I wrote about a Matthew & Melka and how I loved there headbands. One of the headbands I showed was this white headband with a white flower, this is my interpretation of it. I actually really like the way it came out. You can look at the older post here and tell me what you think about my interpretation. But yeah this is the first time I'm posting a close up picture of myself, I think I look really awkward in the picture. hehe But yeah it's the only way I could really show the headband.

Well have a great St. Patrick's Day everyone and be safe!!! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where did spring go....

Hello everyone! It's so hot today in cali, it's in the 80's here! I really don't like hot weather, I was looking forward to spring being warm and cool and not too hot but i guess the weather here decided to skip spring and go straight to summer. Ugh this weather is so weird this weekend the weather was cold and looked like it was going to rain and now it's super hot.

Well how was everyone's weekend? I had a pretty nice weekend. On Saturday I kinda went shopping just a little bit. I was able to go to the swap meet this weekend because it was the first time i got to go in awhile because its been raining the past weekends. I got some fabric and a pair of earring.

Then later that day I went with a few of my friends to try something called the Kogi truck, it's really famous here in LA, it was on the food network. It's kind of like Korean Mexican food served in a taco truck, it was really good. I wish i took pictures of it but my friends and I were so hungry we just ate it right away. But yeah I got the Kogi short rip burrito and there tres leche cake. OMG so good, i can't even explain how yummy it was, it was just full of flavor. I was happy it was by my area and the line wasn't that long. The first time i tried the kogi truck i waited in line for about 2 hours, that's usually how long it takes, that's why i was glad i didn't have to wait that long this time.

credits to owner

Later that night I went to a family party to watch the Manny Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight. It was funny watching the fight with the family because there reactions to things were funny. But as for the fight i thought it was pretty boring, if you watched the fight you know why. But yeah that was cool to hang out with my family and watch the fight.

The next day my cousin came over and brought the niece and nephew over. So i pretty much played with them the whole day. They are such cuties don't you think? But yeah sorry I didn't take any outfit pictures this weekend, i kept forgetting. But I'll take some soon and I'll post those awards people are tagging me in soon too! Have a great week everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh happy day...

Hey everyone! I can't believe its the weekend already, it feels like this year is moving so fast! Well yesterday I went to a Open mike night at my school that was in honor of women's HERstory month, It's thrown by an organization that I was part of when I was in college. Their were a lot of really inspiring spoken words and poems that were said plus lots of very talented singers and performers.

headband and shirt from f21, sweater, skirt, tights, belt from Old Navy, books from the swapmeet and bracelet from the philippines
Here's a close up of the bracelet. I was really obsessed with these mahjong bracelets back in the day, I have about 8 of them, and i decided to start wearing them again. But the reason why i really was into them was because in the movie "America's Sweethearts" Julia Roberts is wearing a wooden mahjong bracelet and I feel in love with it. So when I went to the philippines in search of that bracelet, I never found a wooden one but i found a lot like the one above and bought a lot of colors! hehe :)

After the open mike, my friend and I slept at our friends place in LA because we volunteered for million meals for Hati and it was at 8 in the mourning in LA, so it would be a better commute there in the mourning. If you didn't know LA traffic is the worse especially in the mourning.
But yeah it was a really fun experience, I really enjoyed it. It's a beautiful thing to see so many individuals working together for one goal. It really made this weekend start off in a great way! :) Below is a picture of the bags of food we were packing for the Hati relief and I thought what it said was cute that's why i took a picture of it!

It says, "This food is to be given freely because Jesus loves little children."

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! :)