Sunday, March 28, 2010

going back...

Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've posted, I've been staying at my cousins house in the South Bay area to help her take care of her kids while her husbands out of town. It was cool to get out of the house but I had no internet there, well I did but it was if i used my cousins laptop and I didn't want to bother her with using it. But yeah that's pretty much why I haven't posted. I have so much back reading with everyone's blogs, but I will most definitely try to catch up though! :)

So while I was at my cousin's place I didn't really dress up so I didn't really take any outfit photos. But on Friday I went to CSULB's PCN, Cal state long beach is the school i went to and PCN is Pilipino Cultural Night. The Pilipino club always throws one of these shows once every year, it showcases different dances and skits that relate to the pilipino culture. It was really nice seeing a lot of my old friends. The picture below is the only picture I have of my outfit, in the picture is one of my friends that was in the show and another one of my friends I watched the show with. I wish I had a better picture of my headband though, because it's the headband I made with the ribbon that I showed you in a previous thread that I had gotten at the swap meet.

jean jacket and necklace - f21, tunic - H&M, belt and leggins - target, boots - swap meet, headband - DIY

So yeah today I went to church with my parents and I decided to take some OOTD pictures, so I went outside and tried something different with the pictures. I felt so awkward taking these pictures but these were the ones that I kinda liked. hehe But yeah it was funny because my dog was following me and since I was using the self-timer I kept running back and forth and by the time I took these photos my dog was tired from running back and forth so she's just sitting and watching me. hehe

jean jacket - f21, tank - H&M, shoes - Payless, skirt - DIY, bracelet - Philippines, necklace - Tarina Taratino and bead necklace thrifted


  1. That's a cute skirt! :)

  2. u and ure friends are super cute! love the sunday outfit and love those wedges!

  3. Hope you're having fun with your cousins' kids! I love kids. (But not in a creepy, pedo way, as it sounds in this comment - haha.)

    You look so springlike and it makes me happy!

  4. heyyy Nina i just gave u an award :) check it out!

  5. haha @ your dog. I love the colors of your skirt! Thinking about whipping up some for myself in some kind of floral for spring, too.


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