Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where did spring go....

Hello everyone! It's so hot today in cali, it's in the 80's here! I really don't like hot weather, I was looking forward to spring being warm and cool and not too hot but i guess the weather here decided to skip spring and go straight to summer. Ugh this weather is so weird this weekend the weather was cold and looked like it was going to rain and now it's super hot.

Well how was everyone's weekend? I had a pretty nice weekend. On Saturday I kinda went shopping just a little bit. I was able to go to the swap meet this weekend because it was the first time i got to go in awhile because its been raining the past weekends. I got some fabric and a pair of earring.

Then later that day I went with a few of my friends to try something called the Kogi truck, it's really famous here in LA, it was on the food network. It's kind of like Korean Mexican food served in a taco truck, it was really good. I wish i took pictures of it but my friends and I were so hungry we just ate it right away. But yeah I got the Kogi short rip burrito and there tres leche cake. OMG so good, i can't even explain how yummy it was, it was just full of flavor. I was happy it was by my area and the line wasn't that long. The first time i tried the kogi truck i waited in line for about 2 hours, that's usually how long it takes, that's why i was glad i didn't have to wait that long this time.

credits to owner

Later that night I went to a family party to watch the Manny Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight. It was funny watching the fight with the family because there reactions to things were funny. But as for the fight i thought it was pretty boring, if you watched the fight you know why. But yeah that was cool to hang out with my family and watch the fight.

The next day my cousin came over and brought the niece and nephew over. So i pretty much played with them the whole day. They are such cuties don't you think? But yeah sorry I didn't take any outfit pictures this weekend, i kept forgetting. But I'll take some soon and I'll post those awards people are tagging me in soon too! Have a great week everyone!


  1. The weather is pretty much the same here. We went from cold to hot and will remain that way until it's cold again in November. Oh,and your niece and nephew are so cute!

  2. it was hot huh girl! but i actually loved it! i kinda missed it for a while there ... and what about our pac-man! dude, he's amazing!


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