Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yay shopping...kinda...

So usually every Saturday I go with my mom to the swap meet. She goes there to buy fruits and vegetables because its a lot cheaper and seem a lot more fresher. But there are a lot of different things that you can buy besides the fruits and veggies. It's such an awesome place to find stuff for a person on a budget like me. But yeah here are a few things that I got when i went...

I bought this hat for summer, its one of those big rimed hats that you could wear at the beach or with a nice summer dress. I've been wanting one of these but all the one's that i found were like $20 or $15 dollars and i never really wanted to spend that much. So when i saw this and found out it was only $3 I had to get it.

I also buy fabric at the swap meet when i see fabric i like and i saw this and it reminded me of a red skirt i saw on forever 21's website so i got a yard of it and it was only $1

So I've been wanting some brown boots but since I'm so broke i couldn't afford any that i saw. So when i saw these i liked them and when i found out the price again i knew i had to get it. It was only $10!!! :)

So i make headbands and I always buy ribbons and things to make them. So i saw this and it made me think of a nautical theme so i got it and it was 2 yards for $1 but i only got 1 yard for 50 cents.

Last but not least these adorable earrings! I stopped by this one vendor that sells vintage jewelery and i saw these and they were only $1!!!

I was happy with the items i got on this trip to the swap meet. I actually can't wait to go next week because they always get new stuff. :)


  1. I need that hat .I've been looking for the perfect wide brim hat for since last summer and when i finally found the right one it was sold out:( Anyways nice haul.

  2. O and congrats on your blog award!

  3. Those boots are a perfect find. I have been looking for some like them allll winter. Yup, as Candy said.. great haul.


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