Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh so glamourous...

Hey everyone! So I was looking at pictures of my idol Mariel Rodriguez and i saw one of her wearing this specific headband in the picture below and I fell in love with it. It's by the Pilipino designers Matthew & Melka, she's known to wear their headbands all the time and I've always loved them. So i decided to look at their website because I haven't looked in a long time and OMG i loved the headbands i saw they were so beautiful. So i thought I would share some of their pieces with you. It sucks because they are based in the Philippines and I don't think they ship to the states. I actually have loved there other lines, I tried re-creating them on my own since I'm so far. That's why I have such a headband collection and it's kinda like an obsession! hehe

The headband i fell in love with worn by Mariel Rodriguez and a picture of the actual headband. I just think it looks beautiful on her that's why when I saw her wearing this I fell in love with the piece. I just love how it cascades onto one side. I made a headband similar to this but it's not that extravagant.

This is from their recent bridal line but I think its beautiful and I would wear this all the time in the spring. I just love it, i just might try to recreate this!!!

This is just beautiful too, I could wear something like this to something formal.

I loved this one too and I can picture myself putting together an outfit just to wear it!

So yeah their recent line is a bridal collection and the pieces above are all from that collection. I believe they are all sold out already too. But yeah I'm going to link the website just in case you want to see some of their pieces...Matthew & Melka all pictures credits go to Matthew & Melka.


  1. wow.. they have some really nice stuff! looks like you need to get your glue gun out...

  2. oh wow they are all so beautiful! the one at the top is my favorite, i think! i want!


  3. very cool that ure featuring filipino designers. very, very cool girl. :-)

  4. hi. i am also a fan of Ms. Mariel. :)) Your posts about her were really great. can you please follow me back? thanks.

  5. Hi this is Ken, Head designer of Matthew&Melka. Thanks for featuring our headpieces in your blog. You are one truly AHHMAAAYZZING Filipina. Keep it up!


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