Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Hey everyone, It's St. Patricks Day! Did everyone wear green? Well I decided to post an OOTD, I went outside today to take my pictures because it was so nice and sunny. But while taking these pictures I almost got stung by a bee because you see the tree behind me there were a bunch of bee's that I didn't notices till after the first shot. The second shot I don't know if you can see but i look a little nervous. hehe But yeah it was really hot again today, I actually even put my fan on in my room today because I was sweating. :p

Shoes and shirt from Old Navy, sweater - Target, skirt- made by mom, necklace - thrifted, bracelets - f21, headband- DIY

This headband is one that I just made recently. If you've followed my blog, I wrote about a Matthew & Melka and how I loved there headbands. One of the headbands I showed was this white headband with a white flower, this is my interpretation of it. I actually really like the way it came out. You can look at the older post here and tell me what you think about my interpretation. But yeah this is the first time I'm posting a close up picture of myself, I think I look really awkward in the picture. hehe But yeah it's the only way I could really show the headband.

Well have a great St. Patrick's Day everyone and be safe!!! :)


  1. j aime beaucoups la forme et la couleur de votre jupe ;O)

  2. hey pretty girl! love the checkered skirt and love what you did with the headband!

    dont get stung by a bee girl ... that hurts.

  3. Love the headband and I can't believe you made it yourself! I'm so jealous that you have heat and sun though...not so jealous that there's bees ;D

  4. I love the headband! It looks like you bought it from the shop, not DIY! :) I have one in that style that I bought recently :)

    If you have time, please take a peak at my blog!

    Much luv,

    Rebequita Rose



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