Monday, March 22, 2010

A good friend is cheaper than therapy...

Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've posted. Did everyone have a great weekend? I hope so! Well, I had a nice weekend with my family and friends. It was nice to see one of my old friends Deborah this weekend, she lives in SF because she's going to fashion school. So it's always great to see her because she's so stylish, she inspires me, plus I love talking to her about everything. She's super awesome she's just one of those friends that you can talk to about anything to and then helps you out with your problems! I was just really happy to see her this weekend while she was down for spring break. I actually had yogurt with her earlier today! Well i wish i took a picture with her today but I didn't bring my camera. But yeah it was nice because I can talk to her about fashion and I actually told her about this blog and she was so supportive. Which made me feel really good to tell someone that was very supportive of it.

This was the outfit that I wore today, I didn't feel like dressing up. It was a pretty warm day today during the day but it was really cold later in the day. So that's why i wore the tights, plus I'm not that comfortable wearing shorts without them. I also had no clean jeans that's why i decided to wear shorts. :p

But yeah what I'm wearing is Old Navy both shirts and tights, vest from Ross, shorts from walmart, boots from swap meet, necklace from forever 21, bracelet from philippines and headband made by me.

Here's a closer picture of the headband I made and another one of my mahjong bracelet.


  1. i just love that bracelet!!!


  2. I just love how cute you look in the short and tights, and those boots are cool too.

  3. It's always nice to have someone on the same page to talk to:) I'm glad you told her about you blog. I tell a few people that I'm comfortable with and that I know won't judge me in any way:)
    You should start selling the headbands you make! They are super cute!

  4. tres tres tres jolie,il faut osee le short moi j ose pas mais je t admire d osee !


  5. im glad u had a nice talk with ure bestie! shes blessed to have u as a friend! and a CUTE friend you are! love the tights! ;-)


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