Sunday, January 24, 2010

review of episode 2...

Hey everyone! So I've been meaning to post about the latest episode of project runway, but I haven't found any time till today. Since there is so many designers still I will talk about the bottom designs and the top designs. I thought the concept of the potato sack was awesome, good job Project Runway for coming up with such an interesting concept!!! :)

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So these were the bottom 3 and i have to agree with the judges on this one. The first one by Jesus' completely missed the mark, just by the fact that he covered the material with ribbons. I didn't like the way the stripe was placed on the skirt as well as the color of the outfit. With Ping's outfit I actually liked the top, but the bottom i have no idea what was going on there. The shape and the fact that it was so short and showing her butt was a huge no no! Now with Pamela's outfit I did like the coloring of the material, but it really wasn't appropriate for the type of event they were suppose to make an outfit for. I think it would be a great summer or clubbing outfit with the right accessories. But as for the back of the dress I have no idea what was going on their. So even though I did think that Jesus should have been out because he didn't correctly do the challenge, I do have to agree with the judges with Pamela leaving because it was worse then Jesus' outfit.

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Now for the top 3 looks...first is Amy's dress, when i saw it come down the runway it stood out to me because the way the garment moved, it seemed very light and flowed well and you wouldn't think it wouldn't because it's a potato sack. But for some reason I keep picturing a fairy in the outfit and it would make a nice wood fairy costume, just add wings. But I did really like the movement of the garment. Now with Mila's dress, I really loved it, the color and the design was great! It was one of my favorites and i was thinking it was going to win the challenge. Now with Jay's design, I really liked it too. I really liked the little accents of the blue, when i was watching and he had that blue ribbon i didn't understand what he was going to do with it. But when i saw the dress i was like, wow that's really cool i wasn't expecting that. So I agree with Jay being the winner of this challenge.

Wow i wrote a lot right now, what did you think of this episode???

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