Friday, January 29, 2010

rain can't stop me...

So I went to have tea with my friends the other day and it was raining but i still wanted to dress the theme, so i just wore lots of layers! Im wearing my new mustard yellow baret I got from Target. I actually loved it so much I went back to target and bought three more, a white, teal and red one and they were on clearance for only $3.24! (score) I'm pretty much wearing all Old Navy clothes, the dress, the cardigan, the pea coat, and the belt. I got the tights and boots from the swap meet, and the bag i took from my mom's closet.

p.s. Sorry my doggy Mocha is in the pictures she kept coming next to me when i was taking the pictures.

I wasn't home to watch project runway so i have to catch one of the many re-runs! Well I couldn't watch it because i went to watch a movie with my friends. I watched Lovely Bones, it was really different then i thought but I liked it.

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