Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Philippine Designer: Mich Dulce...

Hello everyone! So I was on facebook earlier and someone posted a link about Mich Dulce, a Pilipino designer, winning the International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award (IYFE) at London fashion week. I have really loved Mich Dulce's style for awhile now, she was on a show called Pinoy Big Brother which is actually one of my favorite shows. I liked her because she was so stylish and she wasn't sickly thin like so many other people you see in Philippine television. But yeah I am very proud of her and I just thought I would share with you all.

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A picture of Mich Dulce @ the launch of her hat exhibit

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The picture above are the different hats that Mich designed at her hat exhibit. In all of her designs she uses Philippines local materials. I just love her hat designs, especially the one that she is wearing in the top picture. I love the way she displayed the hats in the exhibit as well, it's suppose to be like an alien tree with alien pods. I just love her and her style! :)

"...ever since I started designing, one of my biggest passions has been showcasing the Filipino as a creative instead of just a supplier or subcontractor. It has been a struggle to knock on peoples doors trying to get them to pay attention to me" Mich Dulce

You can read more about her winning the award in the link below! :)


  1. Nice blog you have, how nice to see a Pilipino blog, I'm half myself, half Pilipino and swedish.
    I'll be back :)

  2. I have given you a blog award! Check out my blog for details! Thanks for doing what you do!

  3. ditto jennifer! and i do love how u feature filipino designers ... and this designer in particular is super sexy ... oolala! she has something about her! and def. talented! ;-)

  4. @Jennifer - Oh wow that's really cool, thanks for stopping by!

    @trippingtiffles - Aww thanks for the award!!!

    @BBM - Thanks, i think im gunna start featuring them every once and awhile now! :)


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