Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Capsule Challenge: Day 3

Hey everyone! So here is the 3rd outfit for the spring capsule challenge. I actually ended up wearing tights later on in the day because i got really cold. I decided to wear the beret with the skirt becuase libys11 from Animated Confessions suggested I wear it with my floral skirt, thanks I think it looks great plus it helped me keep warm. It was a lot cooler today then it's been the past two days, makes me worried because i didn't count a pair of jeans in my capsule and it's suppose to rain tomorrow.

I wore the skirt made by my mom, white beater from Old Navy, Jean jacket and necklace from forever 21, and beret and wedges from target.

As for today I had lunch with one of my close friends and I happen to tell her that I had a blog because my friend has a blog as well but she's a writer and I'm not really a writer. But she was asking me for the link after and I didn't really want to give it to her because I started this for me and its kinda of a place for me to express certain things on my mind. I don't know if I'm thinking to much about it but for most of you do your friends and family read your blogs? or Is it kind of a secret thing for yourself?


  1. I only let one of my friends in on my bloggin. I initially didn't even tell my husband. I did mention to a guy friend that I have a blog, but he didn't care to ask about it (typical guy). I also mentioned it to my brother, and again no reaction. I thought about telling my college friends and other close friends, but like you, I'm doing this for me and I kind of enjoy the anonymity. I don't want to have to feel like I can't fully express myself because someone I know might get offended.

  2. You look so ready for spring! I actually didn't directly tell my friends about my blog, but they figured it out when they saw my post on FB. Some of my family knows, but I don't keep it a secret.
    If you want to keep it as a little place for you to express yourself then do it. Its your blog you are the queen of it and go by your rules!

  3. Veerry springy look! and I want that necklace.. cute. As for the blog question, when I started my blog I didnt really tell anyone but my Hubby did know. Then when I found my enjoyment in fashion blogging, I let all of those closet to me know about it (my Hubby, my sister/BFF, my other BFF and my mom). With the exception of mom, all of them read my blog daily. Recently I have been pondering wether telling them was a good idea because I wouldnt want to talk/vent about them and they are reading it daily, but oh, well. I even thought about starting a whole separate blog (which I might) but that was alot of work... OK, so I say all that to say, yea, those that are closest to me know and read my blog daily. Oh, and a few of my bookclub members saw the blog this past week, but none of them asked to join but they arent that techy savvy.

  4. I never told my family about my blog, my friends know, and now my family has found the blog and are actually reading it and enjoying it. since I don't live at home atm, I think my mom esp. likes reading about my everyday life.

  5. All my friends read my blog, my mom reads my blog and shares it with my dad! lol They know how much I like to write. I'm there with Jenn, my family and friends all live back in Detroit and here I am in Chicago. So it gives them a chance to keep up with me and watch me grow :)

    BTW, the hat is cute with this outfit. I love floral and denim together. Cute!

  6. i LOVE this skirt! ure too adorable!

    and check you out, i gave you the sunshine award:


  7. @Maria - that's exactly how i feel, i like being able to talk about anything and if they read my blog i feel like i can't fully express myself.

    @Cid - Thanks and thanks for the advice! :)

    @Totally inspired - Thanks it's one of my favorite necklaces and thanks so much for your input, I was thinking of starting a whole new blog too but i thought it takes too much effort enough with one blog! hehe But i still might too!

    @Jennifer - Awww, that makes a lot of sense! I don't think my mom will even understand why I'm doing this blog or even know how to get to it if i told her. But that's really cool your mom reads it! :)

    @Nik - that's really cute your mom shares it with your dad, i think that's how my parent's would be because my dad doesn't even know how to turn the computer on. hehe

    @BBM - Thanks for the award girl! I'll stop by your blog a little later! :)


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