Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Capsule Challenge...

Hey everyone! So its the start of the spring capsule challenge hosted by The Small Fabric of My Life and it took me awhile to figure out what pieces to use for the challenge. It's so hard to pick only 10 pieces and 5 accessories, especially for someone like me who loves accessories and layers. Well these are the pieces what I decided on...

  1. Polka dot dress, I counted the slip inside the dress as another piece because I'm going to use it with different pieces for the challenge. (Ross)
  2. White beater (Old Navy)
  3. mustard yellow sweater shirt (Forever 21)
  4. Black sweater (Old Navy)
  5. Jean Jacket (Faith 21)
  6. Shorts (Walmart)
  7. Flower skirt (made by my mom)
  8. Brown boots (swap meet)
  9. black wedges (target)

  1. White baret - target
  2. Red Belt - target
  3. hoop earings - swap meet
  4. necklace - forever 21
  5. bracelet - philippines
I'll post my outfit that I'm wearing today later one.


  1. aahhh i love the floral skirt and white beret!!!! wear them together!!! :D so cute!

  2. I want want waaaaaaant those boots.. and the beret.. and the belt (ok, all the accessories).. Great collection!

  3. oooooohhh, love, love, love! that jean jacket from faith21 looks darling! im so glad u joined the challenge! super fun! :-)

  4. I can't believe your mum made that skirt, I adore it.


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