Tuesday, March 9, 2010

wide awake...

Hey everyone! So I started feeling sick again today and I took a nap and now I'm wide awake. I'm going around different blogs trying to catch up and be inspired because a lot of the blogs I follow inspire me in so many different ways. But I was thinking when you write a blog and openly post things to the public you are letting people into your lives. I don't know about you but I always feel like doing this your putting yourself out there to be judged. But the fact that we put our self out there, is a huge thing that I think makes all the bloggers I follow strong and wonderful individuals and I think you all deserve a round of applause!!! *round of applause*

Thinking about the whole judging thing reminded me of this poem that I really loved when I was in high school. It was from that book "Chicken Soup for a Teenage Soul" the journal edition, I used to love those chicken soup books.

Please Don't Judge Me
by Samantha Higgins

Please don't judge me by my face,
by my religion,
or my race.
Please don't laugh at what I wear,
or how I look or do my hair.
Please look alittle deeper,
way down deep inside.
And although you may not see it,
I have a lot to hide.
Behind my clothes the secrets lie,
behind my smile, I softly cry.
please look a little deeper,
and maybe you will see.
The lonely little girl,
that lives inside of me.
Please listen carefully to her,
she'll show that she is insecure.
Please try to be her friend,
and show her that you care.
Please just get to know her,
and maybe you will see,
That if you just look deep enough,
you'll find the real me.

Sorry for my ramblings, I think I'm sleepy but I very much wide awake, if that makes any sense. :p

Do you ever feel that way when your posting something or in real life, that people might judge you a certain way? If you do how do you over come that feeling?


  1. I think that as bloggers we are putting outselves out there to be judged on everything. Luckily the blogger community is pretty awesome and they tend to say only nice things. Even though we tend to be our own worst critic, it's still hard to put your self out there everyday.

  2. I know exactly what you mean...so far I haven't had any problems, the blog readers i have so far are all wonferful (including you) so I'm lucky.
    However, I do try not to write too much about personal problems, like family problems, fights...and such...like when you're upset you kind of want to put it all down in your blog to get it off your chest, ive done it before. but try to now do it again...it hurts peoples feelings...

  3. No one that I personally know knows about my blog. I like it that way...i guess, on some level, I don't want to hear the "YOU have a blog?!?! comments"...but I have made some amazing online friends here so I'm glad to do what I do for them:) I appreciate your blog & you should know that!!


  4. @maria - I totally agree that we tend to be our own worst critic but it is great that within the blogger community everyone is so nice!

    @jennifer - Yeah i agree, there are times where i really want to write about personal problems but then i always stop myself because I don't know if its appropriate to write because you don't want anyone to offend or hurt anyone with what you say.

    @trippingtiffies - Yeah i know what you mean, i don't really like the comments people say when they know you have a blog. But yes i truly appreciate a lot of the people's blogs i follow and the people that follow my blog, like you! :)

  5. brush those shoulders off girl ... ure FABULOUS and i thank you for sharing that poem ...


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