Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Capsule Challenge: Day 4

Hey everyone! So I've been feeling kinda sick today so I only wore this outfit for like 2 hours then went back in my PJ's and went to sleep. I really hope I don't get any worse because I'm suppose to go to San Diego this weekend for one of my good friend's birthdays (BMM where you at i might be visiting your area! hehe) But yeah im feeling a little better but I have this really bad headache, that's why I'm trying to make this short.

So yeah, this is my outfit for today, I was originally suppose to wear the shorts and the white beater and black sweater but i thought it would add something extra to use the dress for a little something extra. Then I decided to add the red belt to give it some color and this is the final result. Sorry the pictures are bad, my dad wasn't home today to I had to go back to using self-timer.

But yeah pretty much wore white beater and black sweater from Old Navy, dress from Ross, shorts from walmart, Belt from target, earrings and boots from swap meet.

I'll try signing on later tonight to go on and try visit everyone's blog and reply to some of your comments! But now I think im going back to bed!


  1. Aww,I hope you feel better. Your outfit was really cute! I'm loving the polka dots with the red belt lately. I'm gonna have to copy your look soon.

  2. Awwwll, I hope you feel better too. Yea, Im really loving this look too. That red is awesome with black and white. lovin it!!

  3. u work magic with those shorts girl ... and i LOVE the scarf! i gotta try that look one of these days ...

    and ure goin to daygo!?! shut up! let me know where ure going .... we have to at least take a pic together! ;-) how exciting!

  4. I love the scarf! Polka dots are great, especially with that red belt!!

    I hope you feel better very very soon!

  5. I love your style! This outfit is so cute!! Get will soon :)

  6. Love the belt around the waist, the color's real nice. I want one myself... (*^_^*) you look great.


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