Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello...I'm back...

Hello to all my blogger friends, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Well I know I didn't blog this whole weekend and it's because I was really sick, I got the flu bug! It sucks because I actually got my flu shot and my H1N1 shot!!! I was really sad because I didn't end up going to San Diego for my friends birthday, I had to go with my aunt and mom to Sacramento, but I still ended up just in the room sleeping and watching movies because I was so sick. :( Oh well I'm feeling a lot better now, that's all that matters.

Well I guess I kinda fail the Spring Capsule Challenge because I didn't dress up 5 days in a row because i was in pj's the whole weekend! But yeah I decided to wear my day 5 outfit today, I covered my face because I'm still getting over the flu and I hate the way I looks so I put stickers on my face. I think I'm just having one of those ugh day's, but yeah i did end up wearing my jean jacket with this outfit, I just didn't take a picture with it on.

What I wore is the dress slip from Ross, yellow sweater and necklace from Forever 21, earings and boots from the swap meet, and bracelet from the Philippines.

edit: here's a wrap up of my 5 Spring Capsule Outfits

But I got some much to catch up with, hopefully I'll be able to do everything I need to do today. Have a great week everyone!!! :)


  1. girl, dont u worry ... u didnt miss anything in daygo ... it was raining all week! im glad ure better enough to post an outfit ... looking cute! take care and try to get as much rest as u can!

  2. That last look is my favorite.. and you get a pass since you were sick, so you finished the challenge! yeaaaa.

  3. Wow - a great selection. Look out for the final round-up at the weekend.
    Thanks for taking part.

  4. @totally inspired - thanks! I think this is my favorite too, that's why i wanted to wear it and share it with everyone. :)

    @Small fabric of my life - Thanks for having a great challenge! It was really fun and it surprised me that i could do something like your challenge because i love layering and accessorizing!


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