Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TV round up...

Hey everyone! So since I didn't get to post about things i watched recently because I sick, I thought i would do a little round up about a few shows!

First off, I'm so sad I didn't realize Gossip Girl started this week, I thought it was next week! Yes I am one of those girls that likes GG! But i figured I would be able to watch it online but none of the many differen't places I tried worked and a lot of the accounts got suspended. GRRR! Anyone know where i can watch it???

Well in other T V stuff I finally caught up with Project runway when I was sick in bed. But i liked last weeks challenge . I really loved the necklace Maya made out of keys, I would love to make a less flashy version but I feel the keys woul d be too heavy ar ound my neck! (picture above) Also how the heck did Jay make trash bags look the way they did? (See picture below) He really is one of my favorites, I don't know if I'm bias because he's Pilipino but i really do like his designs! Do any of you watch Project Runway? Who's your favorite so far?

Lastly the Oscars! These were some of my favorite looks from the red carpet, I just think they are absolutely beautiful. Sandra Bullock is just so glamorous in that dress, Rachel Mcadams looks so feminine with the blue floral print, Queen Latifah is just stunning in the dress, it fits her just perfectly and I love the color on her, and lastly Anna kendrick's dress is just beautiful!

One thing about the Oscars that I really loved is how they have a person talk about the best actor and actress nominees that know them. I just love how they started doing that and I really hope they keep doing it because its so personal and it's great hearing what the people say about them. Who's dress did you love? I know a lot of people posted their picks on their blogs.

But yeah that's it for now, I just rented Coco before Chanel and I can't wait to watch it! I've been wanting to watch it forever! :)


  1. I faithfully watch Project Runway. I was totally surprised at those trashbag pants!!! and I liked that necklace too. Hmmm, im not sure who my favorite is.. but i am so ready for the colorblock chic to GO! Im over it, for real.

  2. it's anna kendrick...not sedgwick:)

    and I LOVE LOVE LOVE gossip girl! you're not the only one. i didn't know it started again monday either and i missed it:( i usually watch my shows i miss on cucirca.com...they have tons of different shows and i really like it!


  3. @totally inspired - I agree with you that girl that does color block needs to go, I'm tiered of seeing her do color blocking every week!

    @trippingtiffies - Oh no thanks for the correction, I changed it!Oh and thanks for the site, I was able to watch the episode there!!! :)

  4. doesnt queen latifah keep getting better? im so jealous ... :-P


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