Wednesday, February 3, 2010

crocheting like crazy...

Hey everyone so i've been crocheting a lot recently. I've been crocheting for a few years now but I never knew how to make a hat or beanie. So I decided to look up how to make one on youtube and I found a few ones untill I found one that i really liked and I've been making them for the past few days. I altered the pattern a bit because the original was way too big of a circle and the band that they did was to thick. So here are a few that I made so far and currently I'm making a baby pink one. I'm thinking of making some for gifts but im not sure yet because im not sure if anyone want one of these.

Here's what it looks like on me, sorry i look horrible it's one of my lazy days :p

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  1. OMG awesome! I'm totally jealous of people that knit! I've always wanted to learn and now that I'm totally in the beanie/beret phase, I wish I knew how so that I could make my own! If you need to gift some, I'd totally be a taker! :-D


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