Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm so happy I can shout...

Hey everyone! So have you ever had that one piece of clothing that was your absolute favorite and you wore it all the time. The piece of clothing your friends remember about you because you wore it that much because it was your favorite. Well I had one of those and it was a 3 quarter sleeve jean jacket from the gap that I had got on sale my freshman year of college. (which was awhile ago) Well this jacket was my favorite thing in my wardrobe because i wore it with almost everything. I loved it because it was light weight so i could wear it during those hot summer days, I don't about you but I hate my arms so always wear a jacket or sweater of some sort no matter what season it is.

But yeah my jacket I loved it so much, but i wore it so much it started breaking, plus i gained some weight so it got tight. I really didn't want to let go of this jacket, but one day my mom said it was too old and threw it away a few years ago without me knowing . I knew it was time to throw it out but I was sad because it was my favorite piece of clothing.

Well last weekend I took my cousin who was visiting from SF shopping at Ontario Mills (kinda far from me) and we weren't suppose to go into forever 21 but I kinda wanted to because I wanted to check out there faith 21 collection because they don't usually carry that collections at any of the malls near me. So when we go in I was looking for the collection, (should of known it would be in the far corner) but when i got to the section i was surprised at the stuff they had. They had pieces not on the website and I was really impressed! But yeah since I'm super broke I told myself I can buy one item, I was suppose to buy this blue romper thing that i fell in love with when i saw it. But my mom pulled out a jean jacket that was hiding behind some things and OMG it looked exactly like my jacket. I seriously was going to cry when i tried it on because it looked so similar but it fit so nicely. So of coarse I bought the jacket instead of the romper! :)

Here's the jacket.

I didn't think the picture I took gave it justice so I took a picture from the website! It's not something on the website yet but I saw this picture and she's wearing the same jacket. :)

Is there anything in your closet that you really love and you wear all the time? Or something you used to own that you use to wear all the time?

PS Sorry for such a long story and rambling about a Jacket!!!


  1. I had the perfect black pants, I wore them for every single interview and I wore them when I was an intern in Washington, DC. I kept them for about 3 years, until they started falling apart. I kept them even when the waist band was lose and torn. Finally one day while going through my closet I decided it was time for them go. I've looked everywhere for similar pants and have never found them. I also have a lot of light jackets and cardis to cover my arms through every season. I love that jacket, btw.

  2. oh my gosh i love that jacket! i've been wanting one for years but haven't ever found one to fit my boobs/arms (LOL) but i hope they put this one on the site so i can get it!!!

  3. @Maria yeah that's how i was about the jacket. You never know one day you just might find one similar enough! :)

    @trippingtiffies im pretty sure there gunna put it on the site soon because a lot of the stuff i saw in the store was put up on the site recently. And yeah my old one was super tight in my arms and didn't close on my boobs after i gained a lot of weight. But this one actually closes and fits my arms well! :)

  4. Haha, aww, I liked your story! I think your new jacket is going to live up to its predecessor. :) I have these two skirts that my grandma made for me that I used to wear ALL THE TIME in high school, and everyone was always like OMG that looks like a Sailor Moon skirt (pleated satin, ha).


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