Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring is so close but yet so far...

So the weather here in So Cal is forever changing it was raining the other day and the other day it was in the 70's. So today I went to Long beach to visit some friends and I didn't know how to dress because it looked like it was going to rain but it was hot! So i decided to dress warmer because I know it's cold in Long beach because it's by the beach but i put a spring edge to it wearing my floral shirt i loved last spring. But yeah I didn't take much pictures because it's hard taking pictures in my room but my parent's are asleep already and I don't want to wake them up!

Here's my attempt to take a full shot picture of my outfit = fail!!! hehe

jeans - bitten(steve & Barry), sweater - Old Navy, top - H&M, beret - Target, boots-swap meet, bag - Mom's closet

Here's my other attempt to take a picture, I also took a picture of my boots and combined it on the corner of the picture.

PS excuse my messy room, Im doing my spring cleaning and trying to figure out what to keep and what to throw away.


  1. I totally thought that I will be giving up my fall clothing once I move to L.A. but I see some of you divas wearing your sweaters and boots and it makes me a bit more comfortable about the idea! Love the boots by the way, you're cute as usual. I don't expect anything less ;)

  2. That pic is not a fail I think its very cute.

  3. @Nik - Yeah it's not often we get to wear the winter clothing but I know I wear it whenever I can. When you move her I'm sure you'll love the weather! :)

    @Candice - thanks! :)

  4. super cute! i love the floral top! spring is coming! yay!


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