Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 days...

So today was the start of Lent for those that are Catholic and I was having a hard time thinking of what to give up. I was thinking of giving up The Philippino channel aka TFC, but i seriously don't think i could do it, see I am such a fob!!! hehe But then I thought what the heck do I give up and I decided to give up Facebook games. I don't about any of you but I think I got obsessed with these games and play them whenever I'm bored and have nothing to do, which is all the time. So I felt like its something I can do without and it would be good for me to stop, I know I'm such a nerd. :p But I also gave up rice, this will be another hard thing for me but it would be good because I eat it so much. Oh yeah I also decided to give up chocolate because oh man I love chocolate. Let's see how this goes for me, it was already hard for me to sign on facebook and not check on my games. But I should be able to do it, some of my friends gave up a bunch of things like meat, spending money, internet. I couldn't give up any of those personally but I give them props for doing it.

Well anyways this is what i wore today, nothing much I took the picture right before I went to church to get ashes on my forehead, for ash Wednesday. I was actually inspired to wear something that I haven't worn for a really long time and it's the mustard yellow shirt. It's like a knit kind of shirt and it actually doesn't fit me like it used to but its suppose to fall over my shoulders and it still kinda does but i didn't get it in the picture. But yeah it was actually really hot today in california, that's why im wearing a short sleeve shirt. ps Sorry my dog Mocha was trying to get in the picture, Oh and i didn't get a picture of my shoes, I'm wearing my brown boots I got from the swap meet.

baret - DIY, blue tank and jeans - Old Navy, Yellow shirt and necklace - Forever 21, bag - my moms closet


  1. Very nice combo. and thats a great sweater! I'll take 4 please.. in different colors, lol!

  2. don't feel bad about the games LOL i'm addicted to sorority life, pet society & tiki farm!

  3. I heard it was really hot in Cali :( boo! I'm super jealous! Watch, it'll be my luck thanks to global warming that when I move out there, it totally snows or something! haha

    I wish my mom would give up her games for lent! lol good luck with that, cause I know she wouldn't be able to do it!

  4. so shut-up!!! ure in soCAL too? represent! dont tell me ure in San Diego, cuz its nice and hot in here too ... and im still wearing tights. i love winter clothing and i take advantage of it cuz we dont get winter that ofteN in soCAL! ha!

    im lovin yellow on u!

  5. @totally inspired - hehe thanks! :)

    @trippingtiffies - OMG i love pet society, thats one that i'm so wanting to go play right now because i keep thinking my pet's gunna get all hungry and dirty! hehe

    @Nik - hehe thanks, its hard signing on facebook and not playing the games. But yeah it's been hot here.

    @BBM - Yeah I am from Socal, but i live in like the San Gabriel valley, kinda near LA. I love winter clothes too and my tights! :)


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