Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DIY: Headband Holder

So I don't know about you but I have a lot of headbands because i was so into them before and i think i might start wearing them again when winter is over and its spring. But I stopped wearing them and they have been just sitting on my desk and I tried putting them in a shoe box but they wouldn't fit. So I searched online to try to find something that i can make or use to hold my head bands and there were a few things that I found but none of them seemed enough for me because I seriously have a lot of head bands.

So I went to target today and looked around and I went into the curtain section because I was looking at curtains because i wanted to get some for my room. Then i noticed the bars that they have to put up curtains and I thought those would be so great to put my head bands on. So I looked at the different kinds and I ended up buying this (curtain rod) and it came with two different rods and i noticed only had two brackets because it was suppose to be a double rod so i got some extra brackets like these (brackets). The curtain rod was only $2.99 and the extra brackets were on clearance for $0.68, so it was around $4.

So this is how the rod's looked in my room! I put them on top of one another because I figured that it would help keep the headbands on the rod instead of slipping off.

Here's how it looks with all my headbands on it. It barely held all my headbands, a lot of them are overlapped but it really did work well with keeping them organized and off my desk. So I'm really happy with the outcome. Now if i only I can find away to store all my hats. :)

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  1. great idea!
    love all your headbands!

    maxwell conrad
    vassiliki ellwood


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