Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My new decoden phone case

Hey everyone!!! Thank you to all the new followers and everyone that is leaving comments, I was so surprised when I signed on and saw I had so many new followers. It really put I big smile on my face! :D

On another note I've been working on my decoden phone case. I learned about decoden when i saw Candice of Cupcakes & High Heels post about it on her blog awhile ago and I've been planning on doing it myself because it's so expensive if you were to buy an already made one, plus I haven't seen anyone make a decoden case for my type of phone. So i've been collecting things to use to deco my phone and I finally sat down and worked on it. This is the result of my decoden phone. It took me a few hours but I'm really happy with the turn out!!! :)

Here's a picture of the front and back of my phone.

I love it but it's so bulky and i keep thinking things are going to fall off, plus my phone slides so I get scared each time i slide my phone open. But I think i'll get used to it soon. I keep my phone in a little pouch now just to make sure it's a little safer. Let's see how long i'll keep the case on! hehe


  1. Thank you sweetie for the blogaward! LOVE your phone case!xxx

  2. Love the phone case! That's too cute! I love Hello Kitty.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it! I love your blog, and started following this morning - if you like mine, please do the same!

  3. HELLO KITTY is a freakin icon. i LOVE it. i love everything about this case. So corky, like ... ugly but beautyful. do u know what i mean? hehehe. i LOVE it!

  4. I'm in love with that case (Very cute). I still want to make A case but I'm having trouble finding getting all the pieces I need.

  5. hello kity kity kity!

    wow it's cute and it's a girly phone. suits you so fine gorgeous.

    hello Pinay!

    I am Denise Katipunera

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  7. WOW! You did such a great job! AWESOMENESS!


  8. @Ulrika - No problem, love your blog! :)

    @trippingtiffies - I love Hello kitty too! And thank you for following, I'm already following you as well!! :)

    @BBM - I totally know what you mean! :)

    @Candice - I got had a lot of the things already, like the jems because I use them to make headbands. But I got a lot of the stuff from Walmart and Michaels!

    @Denise - Thank you and Hi to you too!!! :)

    @Gabi - Thank you! :)

  9. i was just looking at decoden phoes and i stumbled thru your blog. i love how shiny its is i did the same thing to my phone its so heavy now but i love it. :) good job i love hello kitty.


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