Monday, February 15, 2010

My first blog award!!!

So I checked my blog today and saw the message from Candice of Cupcakes & High heels and I was so surprised that she passed the award onto me. Thank you so much Candice, it made my day!!! :)

So the rules are If you’re tagged, pass it on to another 6 bloggers! Once I pass this award on to those 6 bloggers, they have to award pass it on to 6 more.

So I'm not sure if these blogs have gotten these awards already or not because I know a lot of the blogs i fallow have received this award already. Plus i know these blogs are awesome and they all have great style so the blogs i choose are ...


Quirky Explosion

The Red Rosette

Anomalous Allure

Animated Confessions

Hungry for Fashion

If you haven't checked out there blogs you should check them out!!! :)


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