Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday's ...

So it was my friend's birthday's recently and I didn't really want to go because I've been feeling Blah recently and I didn't feel like going out. I was really thinking of ways to get out of going because I just didn't feel like going out. But since they are some of my close friends I had to force myself to go. But yeah my friend's both had parties on the same day and I went to both thanks to my other friend who drove. I think if I didn't go with her and she didn't drive, I probably wouldn't have gone. I'm so thankful to my friends that force me to get up and out of my house especially when I'm feeling Blah!

So this is what I wore, The top, necklace and the bracelets are from forever 21, the blazer is thrifted. The skirt my mom made, I saw this fabric at the swap meet and I loved it. You can't really see it but it has like little sparkles all over it. The headband I made myself and the boots and tights are from the swap meet.

Here's a closer look at the details of the headband! Random fact about me, I love making headbands and i have around 20+ headbands that I've made. :)


  1. You know what my friend would do when I was feeling blah and I didn't feel like going anywhere? She would dry hump my leg!! Of course I couldn't do anything but laugh cause she's so little and she gets down there and it makes me laugh uncontrollably every time. Just for the record, my friends are weird lol

    Love the outfit, really cute. I'm in need of a blazer, I wonder if I can thrift one this weekend or will I have to pay full price?! The plot thickens! lol Your headbands are cute. If they didn't make me feel like a 10 year old girl, I'd probably wear them. Hmm who knows? :D

  2. @Nik - haha that's so funny! It's ok I have some weird friends too that probably would do the same thing. Good luck on finding a blazer, im pretty sure you might find one. There is always a lot of blazers at the thrift store near me, its just hard finding one that fits.

    @libys - thanks! :)

  3. Love this outfit and the head ban is super cute

  4. You look so cute here. I love the headband and the hat you made. I wish I were as creative. It's kind of sad becuase my dad's a tailor and my mom a seamstress, and yet I can't even hem a pair of pants. Oh, well! Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog!


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