Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh grammy's...

So i know many people watched the Grammy's the other night! What did you think? I personally loved Lady Gaga's, Beyonce and Pink's performances, I thought they were great. As for the fashion I thought it was kinda blah, I think i was expecting more. But here's the low down on what i thought!
I loved...
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So Rihanna's dress, I know many people didn't like it but I really liked I thought it was something different and fashion forward and not a simple gown lots of people wear. It's the Grammy's and I really expected people to wear more fun outfits then boring ones.
Lady Gaga, what can I say you either love her or hate her! And for me I loved this outfit, I kept thinking that it meant that she was reaching for the stars or something like that!
Keri Hilson, even though her dress was like a regular gown. It's one that I personally really liked and when i saw her on the red carpet i thought she looked gorgeous.

I hated...

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So what can I say HOTT MESS!!! hehe That's all i can think about for these two!

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