Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh weekends...

Hello everyone!!! I just wanted to say thank you everything that is following me, you guys are the best!!! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Don't you think weekends are too short? I know I do!

Well as for the weekend it started on Friday afternoon for me and I helped one of my good friends out by helping her go shopping! She asked me to help her out because she doesn't usually go shopping and she knows I like shopping and I'm into fashion and stuff. So I helped her out and it was really fun to put her in things that she would never pick out for herself and then her liking them. It was so much fun for me, and I'm happy my friend asked me to help her out. Below is the outfit I wore to go was really cold that day because a storm was rolling in.

hat & socks-Target, boots - swapmeet, pants and tank-ON, sweater-thrifted, jacket-old, necklace -f21

On Saturday it was raining very hard here and it was even hailing so I was very lazy and I stayed in with my Mom and we watched a bunch of movies. It was nice spending some time with my mom. I didn't even go online the whole day because all I did was watch movies and crochet with my mom! Yay for spending time with my mom!

Today was a much nicer day, I went to babysit for my cousin so she could have a Valentine's date with her husband. Dang I seriously have so much respect for all you moms out there, I watched my nephew who is 3yrs old and my niece that is 8 months and OMG I was so tired after taking care of them. But they are so cute and such a handful to take care of! Above is a picture of my niece and I, she's wearing a beanie I crocheted for her. You can't really see the flower that
s on it, but there's a little flower i crocheted on it.

Wow tomorrow is the start of the spring capsule challenge, I am so not ready for it! We'll see how this works out! :)


  1. I love those boots from Friday (wish it was a better pic). HOOneeeeyyy, I LOVe LOVE LOOOOve shopping for other people, just as much as I love shopping for myself (maybe even better cuz its not my money, lol). My cousin just gave me some money to start her spring wardrobe (she hates shopping.. so I go buy it and she tries it all on.. the perfect combo for me!)

    I too like to stay in sometimes and just chill. Its so relaxing. Perfect day!

    Awwwwll, look at that sweetie.. I know what you mean about tired. Those little ones will tire you out. I dont have any yet, but I get different little ones often (nieces, cousins, godchildren, etc). You think we can get one of those crochet flowers as a giveaway! That would be great as a lapel pin.

  2. love your whole outfit! it looks amazing!


  3. @totally inspired - I'm going to try to perfect my flowers because my mom just taught me how! But yeah that would be a great idea for a giveaway, i just need to perfect it first. Thanks for the idea!

    @trippingtiffies - thank you! :)

  4. i want ure cousin! training her to be a fashionista already i see ...


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