Saturday, February 20, 2010

quickie post...

Hey everyone! I'm just doing a quick post before I leave, I'm going to Disneyland!!! It was really last minute that I'm going. But yeah I went to like a formal dinner yesterday and this is what i wore, sorry for the pictures there not the greatest and I actually took them after. So it was kind of like 2:30 in the mourning when i took these so ehh...excuse the way i look.

dress and shoes - Target, sweater - Old Navy
This is the only way i could get a full body shot, i know there really bad quality, I had to brighten them up a lot. But the dress I got from target and the story with the dress is I really liked this dress when I saw it, but i didn't want to pay full price, so i waited till it went on sale. So when it finally went on sale($10) I couldn't find my size but i was determined to find it so I ended up going to 5 targets before I finally found one in my size. Also the dress has straps but i decided to pin them down to make it into a tube dress.

These are a picture of some of my accessories, I took a picture of my necklace but i accidentally deleted it and I gotta leave in a bit so I don't want to take another. But yeah the earrings are from forever 21 and the flower i wore in my hair I made. The necklace and bracelet, not pictured, are from forever 21 also!

Last here's a more closer clearer picture of me, kinda. Maybe ill post pictures from the event later. But yeah have a great day everyone, lets see how Disneyland is in the rain! :p


  1. awww love the dress . Ive been know to go to every store in 30 mile raduis to find a item of clothing i really want!..Id love to go to disney land ..never gunna happen thou ! too far!

  2. that's such a glam outfit! you look absolutely lovely, have fun at disneyland!!

  3. Cute dress! Target you say? Hmm, let me find out they have been hiding stuff from me!

  4. DISNEYLAND?!?!?!?!?! I'm so envious. HAVE FUN.

    And you look adorable. Polka dots ALWAYS look super adorable!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. that dress is amazing! have fun at disneyland!


  6. that dress is something! you look great! im so jealous ... i want to go to disney! trust that you had a blast!

    and as a thank you giveaway, pls. check this out:


  7. your dress is awesome & I love your ear rings


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